Spur of the Moment by Kaitey Benoit

Legends of Loving

Red Rose Publishing

Historical Time Travel

ISBN: 978-1-60435-351-8

Reviewed by Tanya



Katie Bronsonís determined not to panic.  She was out on her normal run, having a bit of a distracting daydream and now suddenly she has a horse trying to eat her hair and a horrendous headache.  But things are looking up as she sees Todd Blake coming her way, especially when she realizes he is the man she has been seeing in her dreams.

Todd Blake knows that he is supposed to select a mail order bride as part of doing what is right for his community, but he just doesnít like the idea of just selecting a bride on a whim.  Suddenly he is confronted with the almost naked woman talking with his horse.  What is a red blooded man to do?

Spur of the Moment was a fun and fast paced story that crossed time and distance.  I loved how the author was able to have these two characters interact and even determine how they can be together in the long run.  I enjoyed Spur of the Moment and think many others will also. I look forward to future offerings by Ms. Benoit.


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