Soul Searchers by Reese Johnson

Noble Romance Publishing

Gay Paranormal

Reviewed by Cassie



Timberlin and his lover, Micah, were transformed into werewolves on a terrible night in the 1700s.  Since then, theyíve stayed together.  After years of searching, they now have a home in the mountains, and a pack of other shifters who are either gay or were rejected by their packs for some reason.  Theyíre happy, until a nearby pack kidnaps Micah.  Can Timberlin discover why the other pack hates them before itís too late?

Soul Searchers is the type of story that makes me feel like Iíve come in on the middle of a movie on television.  The setup of a pack of gay and/or rejected werewolves living together was a good one, as was the conflict with the nearby pack.  Thereís a lot of action, and a lot of secondary characters that seemed interesting.  Timber and Micah arenít as well-developed as I would have liked, especially for the main couple.  Timber is protective and Micah is sexy and loyal, but thatís about all I got.  I wanted to engage with the characters and conflict, but things happened too fast.  The resolution, when it came, was so fast I didnít buy it.  I think the story had a lot of potential, but it needed more time to develop.


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