Soul Deep by Vivian Arend

Noble Romance Publishing


Reviewed by Cassie



After the death of her brother, Rachel Hart is mired in grief.  Only spending time on a bench by the harbor and working on her degree interest her at all.  Then she meets Dr. Dylan Finbar, a guest lecturer for her class on mythology and legends.  She has no idea how long Dylan’s been waiting for her…

Soul Deep mixes mythology with themes of grief, loss, and learning to live again.  I like mythology a lot, and I wanted to love the story, but I just couldn’t.  Rachel is a very sympathetic character.  I felt sad for her and the loss of her brother, and it was easy to hope for her to be happy.  The problem was that everything happened way too fast.  It was the classic “we’re fated mates so we’re instantly in love” type of setup, which I am not a fan of in general.  Dylan wasn’t all that well developed, and most of the story is either sex or seduction.  If you’re in the mood for a quick, hot read with a mythological twist, you may like Soul Deep, but I found it to be a bit shallow for a tale about soul mates.


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