Sinful Temptations By Cassidy McKay

Resplendence Publishing


ISBN: 94-201-101-437-1

Reviewed by Raine



After a rough go at marriage, Jennifer has more or less given up on relationships or even a sex life. That is until her best friend Tess dares her into calling a sex hotline. Jennifer thoroughly enjoys her conversation with “Naughty Nick”, knowing it’s anonymous. That is until Naughty Nick shows up in her office and woos her, then she’s running scared.  And it seems as if someone is watching their every move.

Sinful Temptations was a very seductive read. I could hear Naughty Nick’s voice, rich and thick, in my mind as I read. His ability to get Jennifer to give into her fantasies and allow herself to feel was arousing. I will definitely be checking out other works by Cassidy McKay.


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