Playing Dirty by G.A. Hauser

Action!, book 2

Linden Bay Romance

Contemporary, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60202-166-2, 978-1-60202-167-9

Reviewed by Raine



The drama cable show Keith and Carl are on is receiving rave reviews and gaining popularity. Their private life has become a nightmare though. While the men are still denying their relationship, they are living together and proclaiming it just benefits them both on saving money.  Now someone is slipping information to the tabloids and doing their best to out the couple. Who could it be and what are they going to do?

As tidbits of their personal life is leaked to the tabloid media anonymously, Carl and Keith fight to maintain they are just good friends. Their agent is adamant about it as he swears it is the only way to lock future roles once the drama series concludes. However, it becomes a losing battle and the men address it once and for all with a united statement. Playing Dirty is full of conflict but all is resolved at the story’s conclusion and what a happy conclusion it is!


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