Perfection by Kris Cook

Eternally Three, Book 1


Erotic Paranormal Ménage

ISBN 1-60601-552-4

Reviewed by Nannette



David, the archangel and commander of the Alliance, has ordered warrior angel Bradley and disgraced jinn Jared to watch over a human as she searches for her missing brother. Both immortals are inexplicitly drawn to Micki Langley. Although the demons of Jared’s past keep him from doing what his heart wants, Bradley follows his orders with ease. While the men don’t trust each other, they try to put their feelings aside to protect Micki as she broadcasts energy out to all those around her, including  the darklings. Bradley and Jared are also expected to triple with Micki - forge a bond between the three of them through sex. While their desire for her is intense, Jared has been down this road before, and the results were devastating. he may be forced to make the same deadly decision again, only this time, it’s vastly more personal.

Being enemies does nothing to detract from Bradley and Jared’s seductive pull in Perfection, in fact, it makes the story that much more alluring. They weave an erotic magic around Micki that is impossible for her to resist.  The seduction starts the moment Micki first lays eyes on Jared and Bradley, and it doesn’t let up until the end.  Perfection is more than an erotic ménage though, it’s an interesting story penned in an intriguing way. Micki’s brother’s periodic journal entries heighten interest in the plot while Bradley and Jared seduce Micki beyond reason.  Kinky scenes- some only a ménage could fulfill - erotically charge the pages of Perfection. I like the ending for the triad, the intriguing situation with Micki’s brother, and the implication it brings for the next Eternally Three story. There is a little something different about Perfection. It’s not your average erotic paranormal ménage.


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