One for the Road by Lacey-Anne Frye

Dreamspinner Press

Erotic M/M Contemporary

ISBN 978-1-61581-036-9

Reviewed by Nannette



Connor Greeley is hitchhiking to California to become a star. Along the way he meets some interesting people, including Jace Bennett. Jace and Connor have a great time together, but what future do they have when Connor wants to stay in California and Jaceís love is the road?  

Things move nice and slow between Connor and Jace in One for The Road. Their eventual sexual flirting is cute as hell. When they decide to take their companionship further, the sex scenes are full of eroticism and emotion. Thereís a little kink and a little fantasy to them.  One for the Road is more than hot sex, itís a good story with two really personable guys. As good as One for The Road is, though, the romantic in me was disappointed and sad at the ending.


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