Nights in Pink Satin by Sharon Maria Bidwell


Gay Paranormal / Vampire

ISBN: 978-1-60521-237-1   

Reviewed by Cassie



Vincent, an ancient vampire, is bored.  So bored, in fact, that when he sees a bit of bright pink satin at the coffin makerís, he takes the time to track down the buyer.  He thinks heíll find a woman, and probably a young, pretty one.  What he finds instead shocks him.

Martin is a lonely young vampire, confused by his new existence.  When he finds an older vampire in his flat, heís not sure what to do.  All he knows is he finds the vampire attractive.  But a master vampire couldnít have any interest in MartinÖCould he?

Nights in Pink Satin is a surprisingly sweet tale of two very different men who find themselves attracted to each other and arenít quite sure what to do about it.  Both Vincent and Martin are lonely, and vampires, but other than that they have nothing in common.  I really enjoyed watching them fall for each other during a very strange night.  While itís not very long, Nights in Pink Satin packs a lot of emotion into its pages.  If youíre looking for a different kind of vampire tale, you canít go wrong with Nights in Pink Satin.


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