Lust or Love by Summer Jordan   



ISBN: 978-1-907010-31-6   

Reviewed by Tanya



Parker is at the speed dating event as he lost a bet with a friend.  He never expects to find someone as luscious as Jules, though at first he is unsure why he is attracted to her.  She is dressed as a “schoolmarm”.  He revised his judgment when he sees her for his first date at which point he figures she is perfect to take to his fraternity reunion. 

They seem to be matched in the lust department and Parker has sworn off marriage after seeing his twin’s life.  The problem is that not only does Jules want to change her life to include all of her dreams but she seems to be falling for the man who isn’t interested in any commitment.

Lust or Love is an interesting look at the difference between the two and how one can be part of the other.  The only problem is that Jules has decided she wants it all – the family, the kids—and, yes, even a pet—and has decided to set out to write a new book on how to meet the marrying kind of man.  Instead she meets the man of her lusty fantasies, who wants nothing more than lust. 

I thought Lust or Love was very well written though I struggled with how quickly the ending wrapped up.  I thought that Jules forgave Parker a little too quickly for my tastes, but that might not be the case for everyone. As usual Ms. Jordan can seriously write a steamy scene that is easy to appreciate. I did enjoy Lust or Love and bet you will too.


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