Lovely Deception by Lillith Payne

Cobblestone Press

Historical, Erotic Romance

ISBN: 9781600884085

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Viscount Jacob Mansley sends a letter to Miss Nina Harbin informing her that her fiancé, Wallace Arret, was injured while working for him.   For five long years, Nina has waited to marry Wallace, and now she is obligated to help care for him until he is well enough to travel.  She is appalled by what she finds when she arrives.  Wallace has completely deceived her.   Everything makes a turn for the worse until Nina finds herself responding to her irresistible host in ways she never imagined.

Although Lovely Deception carries quite a few familiar themes, there are no pretensions of Victorian etiquette; this torrid tale stretches well beyond the boundaries (and then some!) of prim and proper behavior.  Nina and Jacob are consenting adults who bravely challenge the narrow confines of upper-class propriety to explore a variety of pleasurable, sometimes deviant avenues.   It was refreshing to experience a passionate liaison between a strong-willed young woman and a nobleman who’s more than willing to offer her unconditional sexual freedom with limits on continuity.  Although everything has its price, there is a happily ever after for Nina and her viscount.   This lush and vibrant romance is a true scorcher in a picturesque setting with vivacious characters that will win drawn you in and seduce you.


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