Lamentation of Swans by Goldie McBride

New Concepts Publishing

Dark Fantasy, Shape-shifter, Mťnage

ISBN: 978-1-60394-329-1

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Gwyneth desired freedom, to escape the misery of her horrible life.  She took a risk only to wind up traveling with dark elf Caelin, the dragon, Drake, and the unicorn, Faine.   The unlikely mystical males are made to dance to the tune of an evil sorcerer, Artimus.  They form a pact after agreeing to protect and deliver the orphan girl to their sinister foe. 

Will Gwyneth later regret her desperate gamble?  And will the choices made from this venture come at too high a price for all? 

Fairy tales and dark fantasy done the right way make a formidable combo.  Add Goldie McBrideís straightforward and wonderfully picturesque writing style to the mix, along with a fascinating montage of characters going up against despicable villains, and all I can say is that Lamentation of Swans will put Fed Ex out of business when it comes to delivery. 

Thereís tragedy, passion, adventure, and an array of things Iíd rather not divulge.  Dark themes transpire, matched by beauty and quirky twists to thicken up the plot soup.  As for the characters, forget everything you know about unicorns, dark elves, dragons, and rescuing maidens.  This is not a sticky sweet romantic tale where good and evil collide.  Iím thankful for the authorís originality and the fact that she was willing to stretch the limits.  I wasnít always sure if I liked Caelin, Faine, and Drake; sometimes I grew impatient at the way Gwyneth accepted whatever came her way.  Yet, Ms. McBride has her pen on the pulse point of the story and she made me feel every step of their journey until I grew to care.

Lamentation of Swans is remarkably inventive, soaring and subsiding towards a perfect landing with characters that break the boring mold.  If thatís not enough, then the cover featuring Caelin and the sizzling sex is sure to make you break out in a sweat.


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