Illumination by Kaitlyn O'Connor

Cyberevolution, Book 5

New Concept Publishing


ISBN: 978-1603942690

Reviewed by Tanya



While it was dangerous for Cole and Simon to come to Earth they were willing to take the chance as they wanted answers.  Seth especially wanted answers as he is troubled by his past, especially when he begins to wonder if it was all fabricated.  When he comes face to face with Simon and Cole he is shocked as he knows they are cyborgs but Simon is identical to him.  Now he must know the answers, while he knows he is supposed to be hunting and terminating cyborgs he is now starting to wonder if he is one himself.  What will he do when he finds the answers he seeks?

Seth, Cole and Simon set out to find the cyborgs creator known as Mother.  They find instead Claire her daughter, as she has recently died.  Claire knows some of what her mother did for work but will she be shocked when she comes in contact with the three men, or will she turn them over to her motherís ruthless employers?

Illumination is the latest in the Cyberevolution series.  I have loved this series to date and while Illumination was a good story it didnít hold my attention the same way as I have come to expect with Ms. OíConnorís stories.  While Seth and Simon were interesting characters and Claire had her own discoveries, they just didnít grip me the way I expected.  Though the story was enjoyable I suggest reading the first four books in the Cyberevoltion first, and then if you enjoy the series you will want to read Illumination to see what is revealed but I donít recommend picking up Illumination as a stand alone story, as Ms. OíConnor has written much better books.


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