Hot by Julia Harper

Grand Central


ISBN: 9780446610172

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Turner Hastings had been waiting for just the right opportunity to get revenge for her falsely accused uncle, and when two bumbling bank robbers start waving guns around, she sees her chance to commit a little burglary of her own.  What she wasnít expecting was to be sucked into a flirtation with the FBI Special Agent following her. 

 John McKinnon couldnít put his finger on why Turner had such an unusual effect on him, but he didnít try too hard to resist it either.  As he gets closer to catching up to her, his phone calls become increasingly personal  - for both of them.  And when it seems like Turnerís theory of conspiracy might be valid, John has to not only find her but do it before she gets killed.

 If you are looking for a fun, light read, Hot will fit the bill.  With an unusual take on the initial flirtation between the two lead characters, Hot starts off with a bang.  The growing emotional connection is apparent, and the backdrop of Turnerís investigation into her uncleís frame up gives tension.  The comic relief the bank robbers provide could be over the top (and sometimes is), but is definitely entertaining.  A good beach read!


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