Hell Cop 2 by Astrid Amara, Nicole Kimberling & Ginn Hale

Sequel to Hell Cop

Loose Id

Gay Paranormal (M/M)

ISBN: 978-1-59632-948-5

Reviewed by Sabella



“Trust Me” by Astrid Amara

Brian Day’s life has finally settled into a routine he loves, for the most part.  He lives with his partner Jay Yervant, being perfect complements to each other’s powers.  However, Brian’s powers have been getting a little out of control lately, leading to problems with Jay, his role as a Hell Cop, and life in general.  And now to top it all off, someone is framing Brian for a series of gruesome murders.

“Trust Me” is a great follow up story about Jay and Brian and how unpredictable life can be when one deals with demons, sorcerous powers, and vengeful parents.  I loved this highly emotional story set in the intriguing Parmas City.


“Dark Waters” by Nicole Kimberling

Michael Gold is a professor and strong proponent of peace between demon races and humans.  So he sets out on a “field trip” to observe a native ceremony of the Faun community.  However, bringing his current lover Detective Dion Argent might not have been the best move, especially as Michael isn’t quite sure how Argent feels about him.  When trouble begins to brew, Michael might just change his mind about that and forget all his reservations about Argent being a Hell Cop.

In “Dark Waters” we catch up with the unlikely pair made up by Michael and Argent and they are as hot as ever.  Once again, Parmas City provides a great backdrop for a sorcery, murder, and mayhem mixed in with a hot romance!


“Such Heights” by Ginn Hale

James Sparks is tired of his current lover Detective Ben Moran constantly being on his case about the risks he takes while doing his job as an investigative reporter.  It’s not like James is clueless or reckless, but if Ben had his way James would hardly do more than fluff reporting.  To demonstrate his good sense James takes a fairly high profile, low risk job of documenting life on striking Storm Palace.  But just as always, trouble finds James, this time in the form of a murder and trapping him far away from any contact with the outside world, especially Ben.

“Such Heights” is a story full of intrigue, romance, and acceptance.  James and Ben make for such contrasts that they make perfect foils for each other.  Don’t pass up this story!

Hell Cop 2 is a great collection of follow-up stories that began in the initial Hell Cop anthology.  All three stories are hotter than hot, fast-paced, action packed which will keep you glued to the pages and riveted well past your bed time.  Don’t pass up the chance to pick up this awesome collection of stories by some great authors – Hell Cop 2 is well worth the lost sleep!


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