Faeries Gone Wild by MaryJanice Davidson, Lois Greiman, Michele Hauf and Leandra Logan


St. Martin’s

ISBN: 9780312945688

Reviewed by Niki Lee



“Tall, Dark and Not So Faery” by Mary Janice Davidson

In a continuation from her short in the “No Rest for the Witches” anthology, we meet Scarlett, a faery sent to count a household on the edges of nowhere.  Despite finding a car that is possessed, a mixture of humans, weres and vamps all living together, she is slightly more surprised to see her brother, the Violent Fairy, living amongst them.  But she is even more surprised to meet Coffee Ray, a half-giant who makes her six-foot-four-inches seem piddly.  As this uptight faery meets this laid back giant, things get interesting.


“Pixie Lust” by Lois Greiman

William Timber had it all – escaped from his mother’s hippy beliefs, a fiancé who looks great on his arm (and is the boss’ daughter, too), and a great development project that is going to make his name in the business.  Until the day Avaline drops, literally, intro his life.  His instant lust/infatuation/love with her makes his goals all seem so far away and when those former goals threaten not just their love, but her, he knows something has to change.


“Dust Me Baby, One More Time” by Michele Hauf

The designated tooth faery for this sleepy little town loves her job.  She has worked hard to stay here and assimilate with the humans, even getting a job as a librarian.  But her hard-won freedom is about to be eliminated by a group of uppity parents bent on abolishing the Tooth Fairy.  Help arrives in the unexpected form of Dart Sand, a sandman with a premature dusting problem, but with the abs of a god.  Together, they work to free the town’s children from a life missing the Tooth Fairy and other childhood wonders.


“A Little Bit Faery” by Leandra Logan

Tia gets booted from her home because she just can’t seem to land a man.  Things are going great and then BAM! No more guy.  She can’t figure it out until one day her mother finally tells her that she is half –human and the other faeries just can’t stand the smell of her.  So she heads off the mortal realm in search of her father.  In New York, she meets injured firefighter, Alec, who runs the building she moves into.  And while it seems they are moving quickly, they both realize they were meant to meet each other and help the other find their way.


Faeries Gone Wild was one of the best anthologies I have read in a long time.  I love every story, with its very different take on the theme of faeries letting loose.  They were all charming, funny, easy to read and overall worth the money and the time.  A definite must for fans of faeries and paranormals everywhere.


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