Dragonborn by Jade Lee

Love Spell


ISBN: 978-0-505-52754-7

Reviewed by Willow



Dragons are evil and so are the people linked to them. No matter how gentle and kind before the dragon egg hatches anyone linked to a dragon will be evil. Kiril has believed this since he was a boy and now as a dragon hunter he has almost whipped the creatures from existence. There is only one more egg and when he has destroyed it, Kiril will be at peace.

Natiya was raised by her neighbors after her parents who were dragon scholars and the rest of her family were killed by a dragon under the control of an evil man. She has lived her life since then with a secret but she feels that her secret is nearing the end of its need to be. Soon it will be completely in the open. Until then she has to hide it from everyone, especially from the emperor. 

Kiril is sent to collect Natiya for the emperor but finds himself extremely attracted to her. He feels protective and feels he must keep her safe. But she wonít head Kirilís warnings and the soldiers come for her. Kiril is in danger of losing his heart as well as his life for Natiya. The only question now is are his feelings of love for her real or are they only dragon magic? 

I donít normally read fantasy, itís just not one of my favorite genres. But I love Jade Lee and Dragonborn did not disappoint. The storyline is intricate and well written and the characters are all well done. As Kiril and Natiya both battle their own feelings, they learn something new and begin to reevaluate their beliefs. Dragonborn is a fantastic trip into a world where humans and dragons are meant to be so much more than they are. I am definitely looking forward to the next book in the series.


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