Deception by Sharon Cullen

Samhain Publishing

Sensual Suspense

ISBN 1-60504-075-4

Reviewed by Nannette



Eighteen months ago, Lukas Barone walked out of Katherine McAuley’s life without a word. He just disappeared. Kate never got over Luke, but she managed to move on with her life - until he shows up again telling her he needs her. Less than a day later, after Luke tells Kate about his undercover profession and that some very powerful people are after him, they’re on the run. Kate has no choice but to trust the man who broke her heart; her life depends on it. 

Deception is exciting from first page to last. I love how it starts and how it ends.  In between, there's a lot of suspense and tender emotion. Kate had a very rough time when Luke disappeared. He has to earn her trust back, which isn’t too hard since it’s staring them in the face and threatening their lives. The angst between Kate and Luke is real and so is the danger in Deception.


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