Dark Stallion by Raven Willow-Wood

Centaur Chronicles, Book Two

New Concepts Publishing

Dark Fantasy, Shape-shifter, Ménage

ISBN: 1-58608-

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Emma does not know how she landed in a strange world surrounded by ‘people’ called hoonans.  They might resemble human beings but she does not feel any affiliation with the disgusting bunch.  When their vile king decides to wed her, Emma escapes and is captured by Aydin and Colwin.  They are centaurs, beings from myth and legend.  They are also the sexiest males she has ever encountered. 

Aydin and Colwin have plans for Emma.  No matter how much they disagree, they combine their efforts to protect her. The hoonan army is in hot pursuit and the trio grows closer as they overcome the obstacles thrown their way.  The true test in the end will be Emma’s decision to either return home or to remain and become their mate.

Dark Stallion is a passionate story that takes off at a gallop and keeps pace with gorgeous brothers Aydin and Colwin.  Emma is tough and courageous enough to help with the momentum, and I admired her courage and resilience.  After reading Unbridled, the first book, I wasn’t as bothered by the kink factor of Emma having sex with a guy that’s half-horse.  Aydin and Colwin are shape-shifters, and it’s in keeping with tales where the heroine falls for a guy that is a were-wolf, were-cat, etc.  Shape-shifter is someone that has the ability to become something that is not human.  Emma had no complaints judging by the 120 degree heat radiating from her whenever she was in the centaur brothers’ presence.  The bottom line is that she is not engaging in relations with mindless beasts, and this comes across loud and clear for anyone feeling uneasy about reading this.

Overall, I liked the direction of the storyline, I wasn’t sure what to expect at the end.  The underlying themes about bigotry, ignorance, and what it means to be civilized vs. barbaric, along with the subtle humor add heft to the narrative.  Dark Stallion proved a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours.  The series is unusual, spunky, and intelligent; I can appreciate Ms. Willow-Wood’s creative expression and I’m certain many readers will agree. 


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