Burning Ceres by Viola Grace

Rune Series-Ingwaz

eXtasy Books

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 1-55410-789-X

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Ceres Avedis managed to outwit her father by running away before he could mate her to a stranger.  Through her ingenuity and will she has survived several heat cycles since then for over a year.  Her luck runs out when she’s captured by a bounty hunter and then told that despite her royal status, she will be auctioned off like a commoner in the Grand Arena to the highest bidder. 

Whisked away in a mating mask by Raanan Adonai, she is at his mercy and the demands of her body.  Will theirs be a match of property and possession?  Or something more once her cycle ends?

Delicious and decadent, Burning Ceres carries elements of mythological lore as mesmerizing characters are caught in an intricate mating game.  There was a definitive sophistication and sensuality in every scene that I very much appreciated.   The Grand Arena scene is erotic and a sociological-cultural revelation; a brisk commentary on the status of Nyal females.  The use of the mating mask was an added surprise, making the conquest of Ceres a pleasure-game.  The mask became more an object of her total surrender and trust, rather than subjugation.  Lastly, the primitive sexually ravenous joining between Ceres and Raanan is sheer frenzied, electric fire, and worth the initial wait. 

Burning Ceres’ image rich language contains high-definition visuals.  Technological references enhance the futuristic aspects of the setting.  In contrast, ancient fertility and mating rituals are complimentary without clashing against these aspects.  The union between Ceres and Raanan redefines the old customs by breaking down class/racial barriers.  This remarkable tale with elements from the Persephone/Hades myth is exotic, original, sexy, and a definite must-read.   I give it four runes.


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