Blood Proxy by Viola Grace

Rune Series-Uruz

eXtasy Books

Futuristic Sci-Fi

ISBN: 1-55410-789-6

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Eleanor Palmer is a professionally trained Companion for the Alliance.  More than once, she has been contracted to the same Vimpyr noble.  During her latest assignment while visiting on the Vimpyr homeworld, the king, his heir, and followers are all betrayed and assassinated, leaving Eleanor to escape with her royal charge offworld.  Eleanor and Commander Matias work together to prepare the Vimpyr youth to reclaim his usurped throne.   What she doesnít expect to find are true bonds of mating and family in the way of the Vimpyr.

Viola Grace has created amazing worlds filled with fascinating cultures and exotic aliens.  Blood Proxy shares the same universe as the Runes Series, Terran Times series, Champions series, and the new Sector Guard series.  Not only do the humans, or Terrans, claim center stage, they must divide it with the Azon, Nyla and Selna, to name a few.  Eleanor is Terran, yet another excellent example of a capable, intelligent heroine with skills, able to think on her feet and save the day.  Strong female protagonists are what Iíve come to favor in all of the books.  The women may differ according to their circumstance but each one is tough and resilient in her way.  Matias compliments Eleanor with his loyalty, ingenuity, and integrity; the fact that heís gorgeous and a superb lover are an added bonus.  

Another facet Iíve come to associate with Ms. Graceís work is the underlying continuity of love, commitment, and family; continuing themes that shine in every story.  Coming to understand where the title fits into the narrative was a pleasant surprise, too.  I certainly donít want to give that away! 

Blood Proxy delivers its share of surprises, enhanced through Ms. Graceís crisp storytelling.  I never anticipate this authorís plot twists, everything happens so smoothly, brilliantly flowing along until the end.  In this respect, Bloody Proxy measures up and then some.


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