At the Bottom of My Garden by Elizabeth Coldwell

Ravenous Romance


ISBN: 978-1-60777-207-1

Reviewed by Willow



Stevie is not her sister Jodieís first choice for house sitter but itís the only choice Jodie has at the moment. The sisters have very little in common. So Stevie moves into her sisterís house while Jodie is away on a new job. Itís perfect for Stevie because she needs a place to live and she needs a job.

Stevie reads and writes songs her first weeks house sitting. She gets a job in a restaurant singing. The best part is that food is part of her pay. Life is good.

The odd thing is the ring of foot-high mushrooms growing in the garden. Stevie decides they are unusual but nothing to worry about. Until Stevie sees a man in armor walking toward her from the ring of mushrooms. Adril is there to protect her and tells her that she will need him. Oh, and he is a fairy. Stevie is absolutely sure that he is a sex-deprived daydream. Until Midsummerís night when she sees the fairies having a party.

On her last night before heading back to London, Stevie wants to see Adril once again. He comes to her rescue when the house is broken into. Stevie and Adril spend her last night in the house together and Stevie wishes they could be together for more than one night. Can fairy magic make it so?

At the Bottom of My Garden is a sweet romance and is everything we wanted as little girls when we heard or read fairy tales. Stevie is lonely and in need of her hero. Adril is all man and more than ready to be Stevieís hero. I, personally, thought Stevie and Adril together should have been more explosive. But they werenít. The overall story is good but the characters could have been more exciting than they were. But I will read more by this author because I see a talent that will make itself known.


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