A Different Drum by Cindy Causey

Champagne Rose

The Wild Rose Press


ISBN: 1-60154-450-2

Reviewed by Tanya



Mallory Aikins is out of work, traveling cross country to what she feels is the job opportunity of a lifetime.  As her luck would have it she is stranded in a small New Mexico town with car repairs that she canít afford to pay for.  When she becomes close to the local sheriff Drummond Wolfe she is wondering if the secretive man just might be her Prince Charming.  But as usual her reporterís curiosity will probably get her in trouble.

The question is will Mallory and Drum figure out what is really important and how well they would work as a couple.

A Different Drum held my interest from the beginning.  I wasnít sure if Drum was a good guy or a bad guy for a bit and I found that kept things more interesting.  I love how Ms. Causey made Mallory a spunky woman who has had to overcome some serious issues but is willing to do things on her own terms and not take any handouts.  I found the writing style of Ms. Causey to be interesting and I also enjoyed how she intertwined the local town inhabitants into the story.  I think A Different Drum is a fun and interesting read that you will also enjoy, if you pick it up.  I look forward to more stories from Cindy Causey.


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