Acting Naughty by G.A. Hauser

Action!, book 1

Linden Bay Romance

Contemporary, M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60202-160-0, 978-1-60202-161-7

Reviewed by Raine



When Keith O’Leary finally lands a part in a new hot cable series, he is playing a gay man. Keith is okay with that; he sort of has a girlfriend. His co-star, Carl Bronson, is a super great guy. When it comes time to set the stage with portrayed kisses and passion, sparks fly between the men in real life as well. But when they are accused of being gay, they deny what they mean to one another in order to remain in the pool for future acting jobs. It makes things tough between the men living such a lie and they wonder how long it will be possible to keep up the charade and hold on to what they have together.

Acting Naughty is a journey of finding and accepting one’s self. Keith finds himself in a position he never thought he would be in—in lust and love with another man. Carl is patient while Keith works through his personal conflict. The men overcome their obstacles working as a unit to maintain their love. Acting Naughty has a good storyline with easy to love characters. You can continue to follow Keith and Carl’s story in Playing Dirty, book 2 in the Action! series by G.A. Hauser.


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