Until Jake by Calista Fox

Oh Yum!

Elloraís Cave

Contemporary/Age Difference

ISBN: 9781419916106

Reviewed by Tanya



Kate has recently lived through a humiliating break up of a failed engagement,  but that is not the only thing that has her drawn to the construction site next door.  She has spent days watching the hunkiest guy on the site and is not only having nighttime fantasies about him, but now daydreams.  She figures that it is time someone turned the tables on the construction worker.  She marches up and asks him to dinner at her place, though dinner is the furthest thing from her mind.

She is a bit surprised when he shows up dressed nicely with wine and flowers.  But the next couple of days will stun her even more.  What is a woman to do when she finds out that her construction worker is a lot more than she ever planned for?  More importantly can she overcome her personal hang-ups on their age differences?

Until Jake uses a premise that I love, the older woman and a younger hot guy.  Unfortunately I was so annoyed with the actions of Kate at the start of the story, that I almost couldnít finish the story. I stuck with it and I am glad I did.  I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of Until Jake and while I thought Kate was very crass in the beginning of the story and treated Jake poorly, I was encouraged when he didnít give up.  It was interesting to me that the author seemed to have made the younger character more mature in actions and thoughts.  Overall I found Until Jake an interesting and enjoyable erotic read.


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