Thieves in Paradise by Bernadette Gardner

Amber Heat

Science Fiction

ISBN: 978-1-60272-270-5

Reviewed by Willow



Some men just hate losing to a woman and Charity Foster won, fair and square. But the magistrate of Valencia doesn’t see it that way. Now she is running for her life and the well being of the people on her planet. The crystals she won will provide much needed energy for people just scraping by to live. She has a plan to get away from the bounty hunter who is chasing her and it almost works….until she crashes her skimmer on an uninhabited planet. When she climbs out of the wreckage, Charity literally lands at the bounty hunter’s feet.

 Kol A’Kosu does everything for the good of his tribe. All of his bounties go directly to them and he is given what he needs to live. Kol has no intention of taking a mate who is not of his tribe so he is shocked when his visions show him mating with his bounty. That is something that would never happen. But it seems they are compelled to act on the desires they feel. Charity and Kol make it to his home planet safely after surviving four days of the jungle planet’s aphrodisiac atmosphere.

Kol should never have been able to form a mating bond with any female outside his tribe, so why is he developing feelings for this woman? He wants to turn her over to a man who will torture and kill her, so why does Charity feel physical pain when she is away from this man? The council’s mandate? Kol has to chose…break his bond with Charity or give up his lineage.

Thieves in Paradise is an enjoyable escape from the ordinary. Leaving Earth to have an adventure in space, far from home, can only release the tensions of the day. What a way to get away from it all. Good guys, bad guys and hot sex make for a yummy mini vacation. Charity and Kol are not what the other had imagined or even what they had planned for their lives. But fate has other plans and there is no stopping them. I highly recommend Thieves in Paradise to everyone who loves romance, no matter what genre it is.


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