Release Date May 1, 2007


The Twilight Lord by Bertrice Small

World of Hetar, Book 3


Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 0373772033

ISBN-13: 9780373772032

Reviewed by Emma



The Domina of Terah, Lara, has been taken in the middle of the night. Her mentor, Prince Kaliq, and her mother, Queen of the Faeries, Ilona are not telling all they know. Her husband, The Dominus, Magnus Hauk, is frantic. Why has she been taken? Where is she?

Kol, the Twilight Lord, has won. He has the Domina, Lara in his grip. Soon he will have her powers and he will conquer both Hetar and Terah.

Will Lara lose herself forever? Will Kol succeed? What is going on in Hetar?

The Twilight Lord was not quite what I expected. I could not enjoy it the way I wished. The main detraction was scenes that I felt were not realistic in their treatment of Lara and Morgan. I was disappointed by this plot turn. That said, the subplots were well-drawn and made me hopeful for the fourth book of the series. Ms. Small, as always, develops her characters beautifully and her attention to detail is good.


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