Release Date July 1, 207


The Summit by Kat Martin

Mira Books


ISBN: 0778324702
ISBN13: 9780778324706

Reviewed by Emma



Autumn Sommers is not a fan of dreams. When your dreams have the power to foretell tragedy and you donít know why and when they will choose to show up it is not pleasant. It has been twelve years since the last time her dreams scared her. Now she is dreaming about a girl who needs her help. She needs to help her Ė no one else can.

Ben McKenzie has lived every parentís nightmare, the loss and death of a child. Now Autumn is telling him his beloved Molly is not dead only stolen and Autumn needs his help to find his daughter. Can he survive the heartache of going through the search again or will it tear him apart? Does he dare give up the shred of hope?

Convincing Ben that she is not out to hurt him or his family, or to gain financially from their tragedy, is not going to be easy. But Autumn canít give up. Molly needs her help and no one else can help her.

The Summit is an intense, gripping novel. I found myself being rung through a gamut of emotions. The pain that Ben feels is not treated lightly but is shown in a tactful and intense manner. Autumn is just the right amount of uncertain in what she dreams, but at the same time certain  that she needs to try and help Molly. Kat Martin has written a book that draws on the readerís emotions. A novel well worth reading.


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