Release Date November 1, 2007


The Road to Hell by Jackie Kessler

Hell on Earth, Book 2


Paranormal Romance

ISBN-10: 0-8217-8103-0

ISBN-13: 978-0-8217-8103-6

Reviewed by Emma



Jesse Harris, former soul-stealing succubus, current exotic dancer; living with her cop-boyfriend Paul, who does not suspect her former ‘life’, just wants to live and enjoy her life. Admittedly, she would like to have a clean slate with Paul, but how do you tell the one you are with that you used to have sex with men, then steal their souls? And you liked it. You just could not take the workplace anymore.

Now Jesse’s former co-worker, the incubus Daunuan, keeps showing up in her life. Pushing all the buttons he knows so well. He has brought some other of her former ‘friends’ with him and they just won’t leave her or Paul alone. In fact, they want to have a soul-stealing (Paul’s soul-, that is) good time.

The Road to Hell is a hell of a good time. Ms. Kessler has written a strong character in Jesse. Jesse knows who she is, where she wants to go and what she is willing to do to get there. Additionally, the reader is drawn into the interplay between all the diverse personalities. The descriptions of Hell and where Hell is headed are perfect. The reader is left satisfied and yet wanting more.


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