The Legacy of Rose House by Lisa Christian

Romance at Heart Publishing

Paranormal Romance

ISBN: 0-9754589-7-3

Reviewed by Elysia



Catherine and Marcus had a brief, wonderful affair a year ago. An affair that he broke off cruelly and despicably. And Catherine retaliated, making their attraction turn into hatred. Now they have the chance to share in a multi-million dollar inheritance from a woman they do not know, but there is a catch. They must survive six weeks in each otherís company, working and living together in a mansion that is haunted by ghosts with something to teach them.

I liked the idea behind The Legacy of Rose House by Lisa Christian very much. It appealed to me almost right away. After all, two souls destined to be together, even if they donít want to be? Talk about star crossed lovers.

I liked Marcus right away, even if he was afraid of falling in love. I didnít agree with what he did to end the relationship, but Catís revenge was pretty despicable in my opinion. They both had a lot of hurting to make up for, and I think Ms. Christian did a pretty good job of making sure they each learned what they needed to learn, although I would have liked to see a bit more explanation as to why they did what they did to each other. Overall, an enjoyable read.


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