Tempting Tamera by Brynn Paulin

Circle of Three Series

Total e-Bound

Erotic, M/F/M Ménage

ISBN 978-1-906590-14-7

Reviewed by Elysia



Tamera moved to the unique community of Cranston to teach. The families in Cranston were mainly triads, and it was something that Tamera was finding easier to accept every day. Especially since she was extremely attracted to two fellow teachers, Brian and Kai. But they’d never be interested in her, and even if they were, she had this annoying problem of a persistent unwanted fiancé to deal with.

Tempting Tamera by Brynn Paulin was hot and steamy. Kai and Brian were sweet and sensitive as well as alpha when needed. I had a problem with the whole family and Andy issue, it just didn’t ring true for the people portrayed. They were too contradictory. I do enjoy Ms. Paulin’s writing, however and will gladly read more of her.


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