Tattoos by Dee Dawning


Contemporary, F/F

Reviewed by Patrice F.



Chelsea is a sassy bartender working at Mojo’s Bar and Grill.  Every week, she looks forward to seeing her gal pal, Mandy, a hot red-haired attorney with major live-in boyfriend issues.  When Mandy confides her latest problem to Chelsea, the feisty blonde is forced to confess everything she knows about cheating dog Eddy.  Mandy is devastated, even though she suspected the worse. Before the night is over, she gives Eddy his walking papers and is too plastered to drive home.  Chelsea puts Mandy up for the night, and the next day, their friendship evolves into something more.

The best words to describe Tattoos would be cute and sweet, a bit clichéd, but still cute. The characters are attractive, likeable women who connect through heartache.  What makes the transition believable is that Chelsea and Mandy are at a crossroads.  Their mutual support, admiration and attraction aren’t overshadowed by bitterness or the fact that they’re “shifting gears” into a same-sex relationship. 

Mr. Dawning switches points of view, which made it easier to relate to Chelsea and Mandy.  It also comes in handy in the sex scene, since I was interested in seeing how a woman that considers herself to be totally straight, crosses that line to explore a lesbian relationship with a close friend.  My only misgiving was although Chelsea and Mandy are pals, did this all come about from being on the rebound?  

For me overall, Tattoos was a pleasant read.  No matter what your sexual orientation is, there are elements that should be universal to the reader.  The story was flirty and frisky when it needed to be, warm and tender in the right spots, which means in the end, it wasn’t so important to pursue any unanswered questions.


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