Taming Tess by Roxi Romano

Liquid Silver Books

Contemporary Romance

ISBN 1-59578-329-6

Reviewed by Vivian



When Tess Abbot’s house is accidentally set on fire, she takes her contractor’s suggestion and moves in with him. 

Roman St. John made the suggestion as a joke, but when the house catches fire, he has to back up his statement.  Living with Tess is a bigger job than he expected.  He just wants to finish the job and get back to his normal life.  But falling in love was not in the plan.  Can they get past their differences and make it work?  Or will the shrew rear its ugly head?

Taming Tess is a funny take on The Taming of the Shrew.  Tess is so angry at her house catching fire she really takes it out on Roman.  He’s certain she won’t take him up on his offer to move in and that she’ll run away, then he’s not sure what to do with her when she takes over his life.  Taming Tess has some really funny moments and some super steamy sex scenes.  I will be adding Roxi Romano’s Taming Tess to my keeper collection.


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