Release Date July 27, 2007


Something Wicked by Catherine Mulvany

Pocket Star Books

Romantic Suspense

ISBN-10: 141625572

ISBN-13: 978-1416525578

Reviewed by Emma



Regan Cluny is an investigative reporter attempting to get the story of her career, possibly her life. She has been persistent in her attempts to interview reclusive philanthropist Charles Cunningham Nash. Tracking him to the archeological dig he is financing, she is attacked by a biker gang and left for dead. Regan survives, barely, thanks to Nash.

Charles Cunningham Nash has been around since the Civil War. Being constantly on the run from his enemies for over two centuries, has honed his personal survival skills. However, he can’t seem to shake one aggressive reporter. After he finds her in the desert near death, he is struck by how much she reminds him of someone he lost a long time ago then he realizes she is the reporter he has been pushing away for months.

Nash’s enemies are perpetuating violence and making Nash and Regan’s lives interesting. Fate has thrown them together and is using Nash’s enemies and the local sheriff as helpers.

Something Wicked was a story of revenge and finding love when you least expect it. A clever, fast-paced novel. Ms. Mulvany’s characters were well-drawn and intelligent. I enjoyed the twist at the end. A wonderful novel.


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