Slave Boy by Evangeline Anderson

Loose Id

Erotic M/M BDSM Fantasy

ISBN 978-1-59632-731-3

Reviewed by Nannette



Master DíLon Haven is a mediator in The Order of the Light. He and his novice are on Gow gi Nef trying to make peace between the Tiberions and the Gowans. The Tiberions are easily offended. Haven must act according to their rules or risk another offense which would anger the Tiberions even further pushing them to wipe out the Gowans. Haven is expected to have a slave cater to his every whim. Wren volunteers for the job. Haven is reluctant. Many years ago when Wren was a child, Haven rescued him from his life of sexual slavery. He doesnít want Wren to feel that again. He also has recently become very attracted to Wren and doesnít want the temptation that Wren pretending to be his sex slave will bring.  Wren has been in love with Haven since they met. He is eager and willing to act the part.  But will their forced intimacy bring them closer together or tear them apart?

Slave Boy is an erotic story full of voyeurism, BDSM and dominance. Wren constantly pleads for Haven to touch him and love him.  Haven desires Wren but his need to keep a platonic distance between them wages a hard battle in him.  Haven is very loving and sweet with Wren and Wren is very submissive towards Haven. Wren wholeheartedly embraces their mission. Having to pretend to be Havenís slave brings out his true feelings. His ever increasing desire to please and be with Haven is sexy and endearing. Wren and Haven play one erotic game after another. The sex in Slave Boy is intense, sometimes harsh, often rape, and usually voyeuristic. I waited anxiously for each and every erotic encounter. I love Wren and Haven. They have great chemistry. Slave Boyís angst, romance, and eroticism are wrapped in an intriguing story.  


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