Release Date March 4, 2008


Silent Run by Barbara Freethy



ISBN: 978-0-451-41253-9

Reviewed by Emma



Full of fear, Sarah Tucker woke up in a hospital room with no memories. As well, she has a baby she canít remember, who is missing. As she lies there trying to remember anything, an angry man barges in. He is her missing childís father and he wants his daughter back.

After seven long months, Jake Sanders finally finds Sarah, the woman who left him without a word, taking their child with her. Now, he needs her to remember, so that he can find out where his daughter is and reclaim her. He just has to keep his feelings from clouding his judgment.

Silent Run grips you from the first paragraph. Ms. Freethy continuously throws in twists and turns that keep the plot energetic and pulsing. The reader wants to take both Jake and Sarah and shake them to make them realize how their actions are affecting the other.  Jake and Sarahís personal quirks make for interesting extra suspense. At the end you hope for a happily-ever-after but you arenít sure it will come, until it does.


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