Release Date September 1, 2007


Sexy Beast III by Kate Douglas, Lacy Danes, Morgan Hawke


Erotic Romance, Shapeshifters

ISBN-10: 0758219873

ISBN-13: 978-0758219879

Reviewed by Emma



“Chanku Journey” by Kate Douglas

Shannon, Jake and Baylor have bonded as Chanku. They decide to take a motorcycle trip cross-country  for their friend Lucien’s wedding in San Francisco. Along the way, they will clarify and define their relationship.  As well as, help some old and new friends.

Chanku Journey was a well-constructed tale of shapeshifters and their loves.  It is, however, a story that jumps around as you are reading it. There are three stories intertwined and it does detract from the main relationship between Shannon, Jake and Baylor. The myriad of characters goes from one story to another with all parties ending up at the same wedding. Ms. Douglas does give plenty of background on all relationships and characters. As well, Chanku Journey is chock full of interesting sex. I enjoyed Chanku Journey, but ended with a feeling that there were three stories in one and I wanted to read each separately.


“Kiss of the Dragon” by Lacy Danes

Chester Shields is a sexy 300-year-old dragon shifter. He is more than the cute guy working in the next cubicle. While on assignment from the Royals, he finds Nora, his first mate in over 200 years. It is lust at first sight for both of them. Now all Chester has to do is finish his assignment and help Nora realize she is his or die.

Kiss of the Dragon is a different, steamy look at sex with a dragon shifter. Ms. Danes has written about a society that is fighting to survive in the world while still maintaining its own identity in the process. Both Nora and Chester want the same goal but have to get over past regrets to make their relationship work. An entertaining tale of two soul mates finding each other.


“Winter’s Kiss” by Morgan Hawke

Kasi Stewart is a big game photographer going to visit her grandma who lives in Japan, a place where she met a mysterious tiger during a snowstorm as a child.  A tiger she pledged to marry when she grew up and a tiger she dreams of.

Yuki Shirotara is one of the nearly extinct white tigers. A tiger shapeshifter who is gorgeous, sexy and mated for life with Kasi. He has waited ten years for Kasi to return so he can claim her and claim her he does.

Kasi does not make Yuki’s task easy and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Winter’s Kiss is a stimulating, refreshing shapeshifter tale. Ms. Hawke not only kept me enraptured with this story but lusting after tiger shifters and salads. Winter’s Kiss is a story of finding true love, waiting for it, and having it reignite. A true pleasure to read.


Sexy Beast III was a book that was almost impossible to put down. All three authors have written wonderful characters and refreshing looks at shifters.


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