Rough & Ready by Wendi Darlin

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Interracial Erotic

ISBN: 1-60601-030-1

Reviewed by Indy



Guarding her heart is something Taima Everhart has mastered after one too many disappointments. Where she went wrong with Hollis McAllister she doesn’t know. Somewhere during his time spent as an undercover DEA agent, on the reservation, he’s been able to break down the barriers she’s erected. Knowing that Hollis is not all he appears to be makes it harder for Taima to come to terms with the emotional upheaval his presence has caused her. For Hollis is like a thief in the night, in and out of places faster than the blink of an eye or the sounds of a heart breaking.

In a novella that provides a huge bang for the buck, Rough & Ready is a simple tale of a love affair that comes with more questions than answers. Taima and Hollis are victims of a career that is surrounded by mystery and change. Not known to stay in one place longer than his assignment deems Hollister finds in Taima a reason to rethink his path. A woman who loves it rough and brings it just as deep; she has ensnared his heart and made him long for something concrete. Wendi Darlin does a great job of enticing and rousing the reader and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.


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