Ricochetís Rogue by Robin Leigh Miller

Agents of Mercy, Book 3

Cerridwen Press


ISBN: 9781419917820

Reviewed by Indy



Ricochet couldnít have been more surprised when the woman his team was sent in to rescue is able to get the drop on him and take his gun. Even though his team members seem to find humor in the situation he knows that can only mean one thing...trouble. Trouble that is emphasized by the actions of said beauty when she shows up at the W&S training facility headstrong and dangerous. The daughter of a mother brutally murdered by a white supremacist, Rogue now spends her life hunting down the killer and exposing others like him. A lone entity, Ricochet knows itís only a matter of time before she gets herself or someone else killed because of her shoot-first-think-of-the-consequences later attitude. 

Rogueís only hope of remaining alive after finding the man who is guilty of her motherís murder is to be trained by the best, which is why she followed the team responsible for saving her life back to their training camp. She hopes to learn as much as she can while thereóand maybe have a little fun at the same time. Ricochet is dead set against Rogue coming into their program. His trainees are his top priority and he knows Rogue is not a team player. Even if he is willing to tangle with her in the bedroom she isnít someone he would trust to have his back when it counts.

In another compelling addition to the Agents of Mercy series weíre finally able to get a deeper perspective of Carl ďRicochetĒ Underwood, the silent but deadly sniper who rounds out the team of operatives lead by Black Smoke. In Ricochetís Rogue a new assignment brings with it a wild card by the name of Rogue. A hotheaded loner who has gotten herself captured by the militia sheís trying to expose. All the players come together again with the addition of some new faces that instead of being absorbed by the initial team are able to stand out and make a good book great. Ricochet is a little rough around the edges in how he deals with Rogue but considering her lack of care for others at times itís understandable if not painful to watch.

Robin Leigh Miller created a couple whose opposing personalities made for a passionate and volatile mix. What I loved about Ricochetís Rogue is how Rogue didnít just immediately blend into the team, she had to work for it, learn from her mistakes and grow as a person something I think sheíd lost track of her quest for vengeance. I also was thrilled at the continuation of the entire teamís story, I love how Kong, Sam aka Black Smoke and Boomer are there even if not the focus but enough to feel as if Iím growing and living right along with them, experiencing their challenges and their successes. I canít wait to see if Ms. Miller plans on continuing this series, maybe a story for Uncle Walt? Or even better Gunner or Dragon who I would love to see more of in the future.


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