Line of Sight by Desiree Holt

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419916335

Reviewed by Indy



Alexa Morgan knows the heavy price of falling for a human male. Having incurred the wrath of her last Alpha when a relationship went bad, Alexa is now living in Florida as a lone shifter. Outside of her job and home her only other guilty pleasure is watching Jesse Farrell, the cop next door as he comes and goes from work. He’s devastatingly handsome and Alexa knows her growing obsession for him has no future. A lost key and a rainy night team up to finally open the door of lust that has been flaming between Jess and Alexa, Now that the door is open neither of them are ready to go back to being polite neighbors even if his job is a threat to any future they may have and her secret could destroy the possibility of anything more.

Maybe there are other stories that follow the line of a female shifter with a human lover but they’re pretty rare. So I found it interesting and kind of intriguing that Alexa in Line of Sight actually came across as an ideal mate for Jesse. Easily being a shifter with supernatural powers could have made her not as appealing but Desiree Holt was able to find just the right balance. Alexa was like any other woman worried about her lover and her sweet disposition really made her likeable. I wanted to see her get her man and keep him. Jesse has to be the fantasy cop of my dreams, one with a raging libido and a touch of kink. His nightly visits made this story one I didn’t want to put down. Line of Sight is a story that I’m sure readers will enjoy and one that dared to show that female shifters can be just as appealing as their male counterparts.


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