Hostile Takeover by Kate Willoughby

Liquid Silver Books


ISBN: 978-1-59578-460-5

Reviewed by Indy



Visiting business acquaintances is nothing new around the Sheridan’s family home, most of the time the men who come knocking aren’t the type that would cause Fiona to look twice. That was until the handsome Adonis, Rockwell came for a weekend. In talks to purchase their family textile business Fiona finds herself wanting to experience the excitement she’s sure her stepfather’s business associate would bring. She never would have imagined that her dream would come true in the form of a sordid business agreement. An agreement between her devious stepfather and a man who plays her body like a well tuned instrument.

Nothing will stand in the way of Rockwell getting what he wants, not Fiona’s age, her doubtful acquiescence, or a paternal figure with more than his daughter’s best interests at heart. Volatile passion burns as two people find themselves at the mercy of a heat neither can control and one that will tear them apart if they are unable to realize that maybe there is more to their relationship than sex.

In a story that amazes from first encounter, Hostile Takeover is an erotic fest of lascivious thrills. Kate Willoughby tested the lines of acceptable sexual behavior, with forced seduction, erotic humiliation and the add-on of perversion from an unlikely source. Creating a couple who roused the dark side of carnality with their, at times, over the top sexual encounters she provided a tale that encouraged readers to step outside the fairytale mode of love. Rockwell and Fiona provided an excitement sorely missing with some of the books I’ve read lately. Demanding, ravenous and taking no prisoners is how I love my men and Rockwell is that and more. For all her youth Fiona’s innocence turned into her greatest asset as she came into her sexual being at the hands of a skilled master. So if you’re a reader ready to take a dip on the rougher side of love and sex then Hostile Takeover is just the story for you!


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