Faith in the Flesh by Marie Isabel Pita

Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Erotic

ISBN: 9781419916991

Reviewed by Indy



Ariana never imagined how coming back to Miami for a funeral would change her life forever. Meeting the man of her dreams, John, outside of the funeral home was only the beginning of the life changes in store for her. Next came Eric, a cop and a man whose command of her body takes on epic proportion from their first meeting and one she’s unsure she can give up. Ariana finds herself experiencing some of the most ecstatic trysts that push her perceived comfort levels to new highs. Her attraction to John blossoms into love and she will have to come clean about her clandestine encounters with Eric if she plans on experiencing true happiness with the man of her wildest dreams.

In a story that takes a well bred and sensuous Latina and exposes her to a world of acquiescence, Faith in the Flesh pushes boundaries of sexual exploration to the hilt. From first encounter the heroine opens herself up to ravishment by men whom she barely knows but experiences mind-blowing chemistry with. Each man brings his own brand of dominance, crude and rough on one end and tailored and smooth on the other. Marie Isabel Pita set up the stage immediately for the possibility of love as Ariana allows trust and commitment to leave her open to unimaginable rapture by a soft hand, gentle flogging or rough onslaught by the men who are as enchanted with her as she is with the power they yield over her body. This latest addition to the Exotika arsenal is definitely a winner and one worth revisiting.


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