Breaking Becky by Layne Blacque

Liquid Silver Books

Contemporary Erotic

ISBN: 978-1-59578-368-4

Reviewed by Indy



While some women lie to themselves about what theyíre willing to do, Becky Dommer knows sheís able and ready to sleep her way into the high life. A trophy wife to a wealthy doctor is in her future even if she has to take someone elseís husband to make her dreams come true. Standing in her way, outside of the wealthy doctorís wife, is Jake Sawyer; a tall drink of water that she dumped when she decided to set her sights on a larger wallet. Jake canít believe what a cold viper Becky turned out to be and he hates that even now he still wants her. After an impromptu tryst in her office revitalizes his thirst for the auburn haired beauty he decides a stronger hand is needed and heís more than man enough to do it.

Considering my feelings about women who believe that their looks and bodies will provide them with a free ride in life I have to admit I really enjoyed this novella. Breaking Becky turned out to be sexy, engaging and downright funny at times. Not sure if Layne Blacque was going for humor in some parts of her story but Jake Sawyer proved that you canít write the quiet ones off just because they donít respond how you expect them to. I loved how he finally took control of Becky and showed her what she really needed was a man who could give her the love and roughness she desired. Breaking Becky is definitely a winner and one I will enjoy reading again.  


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