Back in the Saddle by Pamela Labud

Ride A Cowboy 2

Cobblestone Press


ISBN: 978-1-60088-278-4

Reviewed by Tanya



Wade MacReynolds has entered into a weekly agreement with a local Madam.  He canít believe that he has to go to these lengths to just get water for his cattle.  But, he will do what is necessary.  The fact that spending a night with Madam Lily is not a chore but, in fact a pleasure that he is starting to day dream about, only helps matters.  So, one night of pleasure is starting to be a small price to pay for a week of water rights.

Back in the Saddle is the latest chapter in the saga between Wade and Madame Lily.  It seems that Ms. Labud is going to keep us intrigued and following the stories as each book pulls you further in.  I was left wanting more in this quick read but I do understand that this is the objective to this story line.  Back in the Saddle is a very erotic read and an interesting one, as you get to see the characters grow and start to care for each other.


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