Asking for Trouble by Kit Tuntsall

Sundown Pack, Book 3

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419917295

Reviewed by Indy



Not quite model material Natalie finds it hard to believe what she sees in her boss’ eyes. There’s no way that could be lust shining from a man who can get any woman he wants. Orion’s desire for his new assistant is something he’s controlled due to his view on employee/employer relationships. When suddenly her life is in danger because of a crime she’s witnessed Orion decides to throw caution to the wind. In his home and his bed is just where Natalie belongs and he has to pray when she finally finds out his secret she won’t leave him for good.

In book 3 of the Sundown Pack series the Beta member of the pack has finally found love. Orion has spent years away from the pack and never expected to find his mate among the humans. Natalie is soft, sweet and the best assistant he could ask for but above all he knows she’s what he’s been missing in his world. Asking for Trouble is a happy light story about a werewolf and his found mate. Kit Tunstall does a great job of making this novella endearing and one that will capture the attention of readers who are looking for a light summer romance.


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