Animal Attraction by Paige Tyler

Whiskey Creek Press - Torrid

Contemporary Romance, Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-60313-406-4

Reviewed by Vivian



After being rejected by several newspapers, Eliza Bradley accepts a job with a paranormal magazine.  Being the skeptic that she is, she thinks that this seems like an easy job.  She’s given her first assignment to go to Alaska to investigate claims of werewolf killings.

When she arrives in Alaska, she gets in contact with local college professor Hunter McCall.  Hunter is an expert on wolves, and she is more than willing to spend time with him since he just happens to be gorgeous.  Until she finds out that he’s a shifter.  Then she has even bigger problems – like a rogue werewolf bent on revenge.

Animal Attraction is paranormal romance writing at its finest.  I really loved the interaction with Eliza and Hunter.  They have this initial attraction that sizzles.  Paige Tyler is an author with a knack for creating a werewolf who is sinfully sexy and she kept me totally engrossed right from the beginning. I am hoping for an additional story featuring Hunter’s brother Luke. I also look forward to more offerings from Ms.Tyler in the very near future. I would recommend Animal Attraction to anyone who enjoys stories of werewolves and shifters.



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