A Gift of Chocolate by Lyric James

Cobblestone Press

Contemporary Romance

ISBN: 978-1-60088-221-0

Reviewed by Vivian



When little Kennadi leaves school to get a present for her mom on Valentine’s day, little does she know that she would end up with some magic chocolate. 

Off duty police officer Allen runs into Kennadi at the store and takes her back to the school where her mother, Sabrina is frantic.  Allen and Sabrina instantly hit it off, but will Sabrina’s reluctance to pursue a relationship cost them both?

A Gift of Chocolate is a yummy treat for the soul.  Allen and Sabrina’s chemistry sizzles and you can feel their attraction to each other.  Allen’s affection for Kennadi is a great part of the story.  A Gift of Chocolate gets high praise and is well worth your time.


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