Power Play by Deirdre Martin
New York Blades 8
ISBN: 0425224511
Reviewed by Tanya



Eric Mitchell has just been traded to the New York Blades from New Jersey.  He has just been named one of People Magazine’s hottest bachelors, which is a coup for any hockey player.  But, he is not playing up to his image in practice and the guys on the team are starting to wonder why their beloved defenseman was traded for Eric.  But since Eric’s brother is one of the Blades they seem to be giving him a hard time but waiting to see what will happen.  One of the ways that the team is hoping to improve his image is to expand on the People Magazine’s coverage and they have gotten him a spot on a daytime soap.  It happens to be one that most of the team watches in their downtime so it just might win the teammates over.

Monica is a leading soap opera actress and is pretty good at acting.  Her recent image seems to be in the troubled position of having a newcomer come in and take over her starlet role.  But, with the help of her publicist she and Eric start to date as a means to help both careers.  What will happen if they both want to take it further though?  Especially if Monica is suddenly in fear of her job by a new can’t act, fake boobed actress who will do anything to get a starting role.

Sigh.  Yet another hockey player that Ms. Martin has put into my fantasies.  While I thoroughly enjoyed Power Play I was a little miffed at how Monica kept putting off Eric even when he was obviously being the good guy.  But, that did play into the story.  I found the look into daytime soaps and the spoof of plot lines to be a “hoot”.  I continue to love Ms. Martin’s hockey player studly men and Power Plays gave me another one of those.  I look forward to her next book in this series.


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