Zombie by Joely Skye
Minder Series, Book 2
Samhain Publishing
GLBT Paranormal (M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-174-2
Reviewed by Sabella



Josh is dead, but his body hasnít gotten the news.  The agency has made him a virtual prisoner after his time with Kir by housing Josh within the compound and providing him with a job that doesnít require him to leave.  His sole purpose is to serve as a contact for Kir.  However, Josh is fading.  He has lost so much weight and something must be wrong with him because he has been losing time.  But when Josh meets Brad, a fellow employee, they start a relationship but things just get worse for Josh.  Throughout it all Josh has been trading emails with Kir and exchanging information that is hidden within the message.  Has Josh finally lost what few marbles he had left?  Could it be that Kir is the only one telling him the truth or is Kir the one controlling him?

Zombie is the continuation of Josh and Kirís story.  In this book we get to see what happens after Josh is freed from Kir at the end of the first book, Monster.  Both Josh and Kir are strong characters, without losing their respective vulnerabilities.  Joely Skye paints a truly vivid picture where we can clearly feel Joshís uncertainty of himself, his thoughts and feelings and Kirís willingness to do anything to prove to Josh he means what he says. The passion between the two men is so engrossing that during their encounters you will find yourself feeling their uncertainty and pleasure.  This book was difficult to put down once I began reading it. Zombie is a great sequel and you shouldnít miss it.  Iím really looking forward to reading the conclusion of the series.


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