Wrong Groom by Kit Tunstall
Ellora’s Cave
Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 9781419911446
Reviewed by Hunter



When full-figured Jayne Daux attends her best friend’s whirlwind wedding in Las Vegas, she decides it’s time to do something she’s never done before but always fantasized about—have a one night stand. After seeing the drunken bride safely to her room, she ventures down to one of the bars in the hotel. The gorgeous Patrick Maynard happens to be in the bar and while Jayne drools over him, she knows he’s probably way out of her curvy frame’s league. But Patrick has other ideas for Jayne’s luscious frame.

Patrick longs to show Jayne just how sexy she is and break her out of her self-conscious shell. He spends the night with her, adoring and worshipping her perfect body, stripping away all of her inhibitions.

When Jayne wakes up, Patrick is gone, just like she knew he would be. But will she ever see him again?

I really liked Wrong Groom. It was extremely refreshing to read about a heroine who wasn’t the perfect size two—that’s not reality for me. I mean, honestly, how many people over the age of ten who aren’t anorexic are a size two? Not me, I know that for sure. It was so great to read about something real. I could completely relate to Jayne, which drew me further into the story, and the insight into her self-consciousness was entirely accurate. And Patrick—yum!  Why can’t there be more guys like him?


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