Wish Upon A Prince by Michele Bardsley
The Lust Bastion, Book 2
Loose Id
Erotic Paranormal
ISBN: 978-1-59632-439-8
Reviewed by Lyonene



Kira was sick of lousy sex from one-night stands.  Having clipped an ad for the Pharaoh 3000 out of her brotherís porn magazine - an ultraorgasmic, wonít leave after itís over, long, thick, take me to heaven vibrator - she headed over to The Lust Bastion Erotica Emporium to pick it upÖafter she took two weeks trying to talk herself into it.  After a few mishaps in the parking lot and finally gaining the nerve to walk in the door, Kira was approached by a beautiful woman that told her the vibrator for her wasnít the Pharaoh 3000, what she needed was something special.  Taken to a room behind the cashierís counter, Kira was given instead The Great Smenkare; a gold vibrator, which she was told was intuitive.  After spending way more than she planned, she took the Great Smenkare home.

Because he dared to defy a Goddess, Smenkare has been in servitude for three millennia, imprisoned in a dildo of one form or another until he was called from his prison by his next mistress.  Three thousand years is a long time to be a sex slave, and although Bast hadnít forgiven him yet, she did seem to be softening towards him.  After being taken from the worst woman that he had been forced to serve, he was given immediately to Kira. 

Wish Upon A Prince is so much more than I thought it would be when I read the blurb.  Kira is a lonely, wonderful woman that has been abused emotionally by men all her adult life, used time and time again, and Smenkare is a sweet, gorgeous, sexy hero that paid for a mistake, time and time again, believing that he deserved every bit of the unhappiness he experienced.  I loved the tender moments that these two shared and the comedic situations that Kira got herself into.  Wish Upon A Prince is a truly wonderful story that Iíll be reading again and again.


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